Definition: Savvy
To know or to understand
To be well informed and perceptive
To be shrewd, knowledgeable or proficient
The ability to make good judgments
To be "clued up" and have practical understanding

Whether working with teams or individuals, we're passionate about helping people achieve their true potential. And we know that if people are working to their full potential, the organisations they work for are much more likely to thrive too. It’s a definite WIN-WIN.

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Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey—Founder and Principal Consultant

Sarah Harvey Chartered FCIPD, FInstLM is a business consultant and executive coach with 20+ years leadership experience gained through more than 10 years in senior HR roles, followed by 15+ years as a senior organisational development consultant.

She has a Post Graduate (Level 7) CIPD Diploma in Personnel Management and a Post Graduate (Level 7) ILM Diploma in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching.

What makes us Savvy?

We have an extensive track record of savvy assignments, helping clients large and small get maximum impact from their human resources and organisational development interventions. Now we’d love to bring you this knowledge and experience gained over many years to help you improve your people and organisational performance too.

We’re passionate about working with like-minded professionals. Our values motivate and drive us to deliver the level of service expected by our clients and we know you’ll notice the difference. We always:

  1. Work with trust and integrity
  2. Take personal responsibility
  3. Add value, making a difference and providing value for money
  4. Show up interested, passionate and excited for everything we do!
  5. Solve problems and create solutions for individuals and organisations

Sounds Savvy, let's talk!